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CareOne Credit Counseling

CareOne Credit Counseling is an industry-leading Debt Management Program provider who pair consumers with non-profit credit counseling agencies (CCAs).

CareOne services are provided by hand-picked industry leading non-profit credit counseling agencies with the highest in service standards - customer-focused, reputable and committed to providing the tools and support to help its clients become debt-free.

During enrollment, you will be paired with a credit counseling agency most appropriate for your needs, who will administer your plan and provide access to your account and educational resources through CareOne Credit and your agency's site.

During enrollment, you will be paired with a credit counseling agency who will administer your plan. Following enrollment, you will be able to enjoy full access to your account and educational resources through both CareOneCredit.com and your agency's site.

All the CCAs used through the Care One Credit service:
  • Elect not to charge enrollment fees
  • Meet standards for the highest level of customer care
  • Give you 24-hour access to account information, 7 days a week
  • Offer you the option to pay electronically
  • Offer you the ability to choose a monthly payment date that's right for you
  • Provides you with monthly statements, so you can track your payments and progress
  • Provides ongoing support and counseling to help you stay debt-free
  • Are committed to respecting your privacy and maintaining your anonymity

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